January 27, 2017: We’re in the process of a long overdue overhaul of this web site.

While the site has looked OK, in a 1990s sort of way, it’s extremely cumbersome to maintain, and does really poorly with search engines. Google hates it. Even after a full re-design Google will continue to shun it until I manage to overcome the years of SEO (search engine optimization) damage.

The good news is the site pretty fairly represents the inventory we typically keep in stock, and our prices haven’t changed in years (not that they will increase to any noticeable degree; flag prices have been remarkably stabe for the last decade). But one of the primary tasks of updating the background of this site (our inventory datdabase) will be to update prices. Some items will increase slightly, some will remain unchanged, and some, including some of the most popular flags we sell, will decrease.

Other Changes: Aside from the overall look, the most significant change is likely to be the introduction of online shopping. Our goal is to create an easy-to-use site that those customers who know what they want can make a purchase, while continuing to encourage customers who have questions to contact us via e-mail, at “info AT flagwaversmaine.com” and by phone at 1-800-286-2305.