100% American-Made

All of our U.S. flags are 100% American-made: made in the U.S., by American workers using domestic materials.

Almost all of our other flags – state, armed service and civilian service flags, historical flags, as well as our pleated fans & bunting are American made. Our OPEN and message flags are also made in the U.S.

We carry flags made by manufacturers in Pennsylvania (FlagZone and Valley Forge), New Jersey, Virginia and Ohio (Annin) and Wisconsin (Eder) and Kansas City, MO (Allied). All have been in business for years (Annin has been making flags since the 1840s, and Valley Forge was established in 1882).

All of our veteran flag cases are made in the U.S., as are our veterans’ grave markers. The Pennsylvania foundry that manufactures our grave markers also makes much of the hardware we sell.

Our single-piece tapered fiberglass flagpoles are made in New Hampshire.

We try to indicate on an item’s web page when an item is imported.

Notable Imports
Items we sell, and actively recommend, that are imported include most of our 1” outrigger poles such as the spinning pole pictured below, some of the sectional flagpole kits, some sports flags and pennants, and the hardwood armed service and civilian service medallion boxes.